Game of Clones – Probably the Weirdest Dating Reality Show Ever

Game of Clones is a British dating reality show that has contestants describe the physical attributes of their perfect man/woman in great detail and then choose between several candidates that all look and dress the same. Apparently, the idea this new show is trying to promote is that it’s what’s inside that counts.

When it comes to the physical appearance of their perfect date, everyone has a type. Channel 4’s new dating reality show Game of Clones, gives singletons access the latest avatar building technology to virtually create their perfect partner, down to the tiniest details. Height, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, build, skin pigment, you name it they will enter it in a software and create your perfect partner based on your preferences. Once you’re satisfied with their rendition of your fantasy, Game of Clones will scour the U.K in search of eight people that fit your description and closely resemble each other, dress them all in the exact same clothes and put them all in a house with you for several weeks. With all contestants essentially being doppelgangers, it’s assumed that looks are no longer a criteria for selection, so participants will have to gradually eliminate seven of the eight candidates based on their personalities.


Photo: Channel4

“It sounds like any singleton’s dream, to create your perfect partner in avatar form and then get to live with eight of them,” said David Flynn, co-founder of Youngest Media, the company that came up with the concept for the unique dating show. “However with looks out of the equation our singleton will have to work hard to uncover the personality they’re most attracted to. It’s a whole new twist on the dating show genre which combines everything we’re about at youngest Media, cutting edge entertainment that we hope will surprise the audience.”



I guess you can think of Game of Clones as The Bachelor/Bachelorette, where all the candidates looked almost identical and were dressed exactly the same, based on your preference, of course. But the whole doppelganger is really the only thing that sets this show apart from your usual dating TV shows. Participants go through the same type of speed-dating rounds, spending a limited time with each of the candidates to discover their personalities. And, at the end of each week, they will have to send one of the “clones” home, until only three finalists remain. So it’s more of the same but the candidates all look the same.


Game of Clones debuts on February 27, on E4.

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