Geeky Fan Builds Real-Life Wall-E Robot

Mike Senna, a computer programmer from Orange County, California, has spent the last two and a half years building a real-life Wall-E robot, from scratch. It moves around, rolls and talks, but he doesn’t collect trash.

In 2009, shortly after the movie Wall-E was launched, we featured some photos of cool Wall-E computer case mod, but that feat simply pales in comparison to Mike Senna’s awesome achievement. The robot aficionado spend between 3,200 and 3,800 man hours building his very own version of the adorable Pixar trash-collecting hero. His computer programming skills definitely came in handy, but seeing as there were no Wall-E parts available anywhere on this planet, he had to construct the whole thing from scratch. He worked on it about 25 hours a week, after his day job, but all the hard work certainly paid off.

This isn’t Mike Senna’s first robot, either. In 2003, he created his own version of R2D2, so he’s pretty well-known in select geek circles. His latest creation has started making appearances at various events, putting a smile on children’s faces and getting praised by adult geeks. For detailed “how did he do it” information make sure you check out his blog. There are lot sof cool photos to look at, as well.




via /Film

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