Generous Beggar Gives His Earnings to the Poor

Begging is generally not considered to be an honorable means of livelihood, not unless a person has absolutely no other choice. What would you say though, to a beggar who does not live off his own earnings, but gives it all away? Now, that’s something you don’t get to see every day.

The mystical traditions of the East have insisted on monks begging for their daily meals in ancient times. Forty one year old Wang Zhiyou seems to be one step ahead of his ancestors. He has been giving away every penny earned by begging. Zhiyou has his roots in the Chinese village of Yongping, located in Heilongjiang province. Today, he doesn’t have a home or a place to call his own. He wanders from town to town, village to village, never staying more than a month. When the thirty days are up, he donates all the money and moves on. He has been doing this for the past fifteen years.

This unique individual has had a troubled past at his own. When Zhiyou was 18 years old, he discovered that he had been adopted as a child. The reason being that his biological parents were too poor to afford to raise him. Struck by the suffering of poor people, Zhiyou decided to adopt his current lifestyle. According to Zhiyou, he has donated 40,000 Yen so far. That’s around $6292. He makes sure to  collect a receipt from the recipient, and has a stack of them as proof of his benevolence.

Zhiyou has been hailed by the Chinese media as the “Northeastern Generous Beggar”.


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