Genius! Woman Puts Fake Parking Ticket in Her Own Car Window So Police Wouldn’t Give Her a Real One

A resourceful driver in Suzhou, China, found the perfect way of avoiding a parking ticket. When leaving her car in a no-parking zone, she would simply leave a fake parking ticket in her window so that policemen would think one of their colleagues had already fined her.

It was the perfect crime! Most policemen would only check if the date was correct and move one, and if one of them actually paid enough attention to figure out that the parking ticket was fake, the woman would simply say that she had no idea, that she was the victim of a prank. Genius and safe, I tell you! Unless someone actually saw her putting the ticket in the window, there was no way to prove she was guilty.

There’s no way to know how long the woman had used this method to avoid parking tickets for, but she was finally caught in the act earlier this month. In what can only be described as sheer bad luck, the woman parked her car right next to that of an undercover police car, which, to make matters worse, also had the dash-cam turned on.

Dash cam footage shows the woman exiting the car and casually slapping the fake parking ticket on her windshield before heading off take care of her business, confident that she wouldn’t get an actual ticket. Unfortunately for her, a police officer arrives to check the ticket almost immediately.

According to Knews, the fake ticket looked like a real one and was dated correctly, but a careful examination revealed that all the other details were phony. Upon returning to her car, the woman most likely denied any wrongdoing, but only because she didn’t know about the video evidence.


The police lectured her about illegal documents and forging official documents, between issuing her the thing she dreaded most – a real parking ticket.

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