Guy’s Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend Jump into a River to See Which One He Would Save

A Chinese man was recently presented with the ultimate test of love – he was forced to choose between saving his current and ex girlfriends! The two love-struck women jumped into a river to see which one he would save.

The poor man in question is 21-year-old Wu Hsia, who recently broke up with his long-time girlfriend Jun Tang, 20, after falling in love with 22-year-old  Rong Tsao. The ex-girlfriend took the split rather badly and began to harass Wu in the hope that he would leave Rong and come back to her.

Tired of the bickering women, Wu decided to meet with both of them and make his intentions clear. “I was sick of being nagged from both sides,” he said. “Rong was moaning about Jun and Jun was moaning about her and it all got too much.” Unfortunately, the meeting turned out to be a bad idea. Jun and Rong got into an argument, which ended with Jun throwing herself into the river. Rong quickly followed suit.


“The girls began arguing and the man’s ex-girlfriend felt insulted by a comment made by the new girlfriend, and so she jumped into the river calling for her former lover to save her,” said a police spokesperson. “The new girlfriend, fearing that he might indeed jump in to save his ex-lover, then jumped in as well and both of them were calling for him to rescue them from drowning.”

“I was completely dumbfounded about what was going on. But then I realized that I had to do something so I also jumped in but to save Rong,” Wu told reporters. “I was put in a difficult situation and had to make a choice between right and wrong, and I chose Rong.” No pun intended, I’m sure. But Wu also though of Jun and called his brother to come get her out.


“We found a woman mired to her chest in mud – about 20 meters away from the riverbank,” one of the firefighters who arrived at the scene, said. Rong, on the other hand, required hospital treatment for minor injuries after hitting a boat.

A fireman happened to overhear a conversation between Wu and Jun, after both women were rescued. “We broke up four months ago. Why you still bother me?” he asked her. To which she replied, “I want to bother you.”


The story has gone viral on Chinese social media. In a nation with a chronic shortage of single women, it apparently comes off as baffling that two women would risk their lives like this for a man. They compared the story to a common Chinese custom that involves asking men who they would rescue from a river – their mother or their lover.


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