Hair Salon Teaches Fathers to Do Their Daughters’ Hair by Tempting Them with Beer

There’s something quite special about dads doing their daughters’ hair – celebrating the fact is Denver salon owner Calli Huebl-Bodilis. She regularly hosts a hairdressing workshop called ‘Beer and Braids’ for dads and their little girls at her salon, Envogue.

The workshop – priced at $55 – provides one-on-one training to six dads on ponytail, braid, and bun basics. They get hands-on practice on their own daughters’ hair, after which the little girls put on a fashion show that is judged by stylists. The winning dad gets a six-pack of beer, while all the girls are gifted goody bags with hair products.


Calli said that she got the idea for the event from her husband. His business partner had arrived late for a meeting one day, because his wife was out of town and he had to style his daughter’s hair. The result was disastrous. That’s when Calli realised that a workshop for dads had tremendous potential. “Dads today are so much more hands-on,” she said. “Many of my (female) clients are the breadwinners, the CEOs, and the dads stay at home.”


According to Calli, the girls simply love spending quality time with their dads at Beer and Braids. Lots of father-daughter duos take advantage of being all dressed up and go out for dinner after the event. And it’s great for dads too, because they gain a lot of confidence in working with hairstyles. “They’re definitely intimidated by the braids, and the ponytail can be the hardest,” she said. “The guys’ hands are so big, and with their tiny daughters, the dads get frustrated.”


“I had one dad who was so nervous his hands were shaking,” Calli recalled. “But by the end, he was laughing and joking. I told him, ‘It’s OK, take a deep breath, it’s just hair.” The competitive atmosphere, and the tempting beer prize at the end of the day, seem to compel them to do better.


This is a great opportunity because I don’t listen to my wife when she tries to teach me. You get to listen to someone else and learn how to do it,” one father explained. “I probably wouldn’t do it if it’s just by myself.”

Photos: Envogue Salon/Facebook

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