Indian Man Allegedly Files Complaint Against Google Maps for Ruining His Marriage

Indian media recently reported the strange case of a man who allegedly filed a complaint against Google Maps for causing him serious marital problems.

R Chandrasekhar, a 49-year-old married man from India’s Mayiladuthurai district, claims he won’t stop short of taking tech giant Alphabet to court for ruining his relationship with his wife. The man basically blames Google Maps, particularly the app’s “Your Timeline” feature for making his wife question him about all the places he allegedly visits every time he goes out. Chandrasekhar claims that Google’s app routinely displays places he has never visited, and he has trouble explaining it to his wife.

Photo: The News Minute

“For the last few months, my wife has been constantly scanning the ‘Your timeline’ feature on Google Maps and refuses to let me sleep, as she questions where I was,” R Chandrasekhar told The News Minute. “She is constantly thinking about this, is getting affected and affecting the rest of the family too.”

On Thursday, the desperate man visited a local police precinct to file a complaint against Google’s parent company for driving a wedge between him and his wife, thus causing serious marital problems. As you would when taking a profitable corporation to court, Chandrasekhar is also asking for compensation for the hardships he has had to endure.

“I am unable to answer her questions. And my wife is not listening despite what family, relatives, our circle of friends and counselors are saying. Despite several talks, she is refusing to listen. She believes Google over anything else,” the Indian man reportedly wrote in his complaint. “Google is causing strife in my family life. So I ask you to take action against Google and ensure justice for me. I also ask that Google give me compensation for causing so much strife.”

Photo: Google Maps

Police have yet to act on Chandrasekhar written complaint, but one officer told The News Minute that the likeliest solution would be to call the married couple in for counseling.

“We are considering calling the husband and wife and counselling them,” the officer said. “If that doesn’t work we will see what steps to take next.”

As for Google, I’m sure they’re not exactly trembling in their boots… Although I haven’t gone through the Legal Disclaimer section of Google Maps, I’m pretty sure it acknowledges that the app doesn’t always indicate the exact location that a user might have visited. Now if only someone could convince Chandrasekhar’s wife of that…

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