Indians Fight Public Urination by Attacking Offenders with Water Canons

At first glance, you might mistake this large yellow tanker fitted with hoses for a fire engine. But look closer at the symbols painted on the sides, and you’ll realize that this water truck is meant to serve a different purpose. It’s called the ‘Pissing Tanker’ and it is currently roaming the streets of Mumbai, India. Its goal – to fight public urination with public urination. Well, sort of. The truck is actually full of water, but the message is pretty clear – Urinate in public and get pissed on yourself.

The idea is really quite simple an eye for an eye. I say that’s brilliant, because years of campaigns to stop public urination in India have never really had much success. Re-painting the walls, putting up sign boards, setting up public urinals, collecting large fines, and even the threat of police arrests have never worked – Indian men just aren’t able to shake the habit (pun very much intended).


The owners of the Pissing Tanker prefer to remain anonymous. We just know that the initiative is run by a new anti-public urination activist group called the Clean Indian. The truck patrols the streets, carrying water and men who wear face masks to conceal their identity. Every time they spot someone defiling the road-side, they stop to unleash torrents of water on the offender. It’s their own unique way of meting out punishment to those who break the law.

The video advertisement for the Pissing Tanker is really quite hilarious. Unassuming men doing their business are truly baffled when hit by the water cannons. They are forced to run for cover even before they can figure out  what is happening.


The Clean Indian’s attempt might seem desperate, but they’re not stopping any time soon. Their motto, in fact, is ‘You Stop, We Stop’. Until then, they plan to continue fighting public urination, ‘one spray at a time’.

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