Influencer Allegedly Selling His Embryos for $2 Million to ‘Improve Human Race’

A Mexican influencer and businessman recently sparked controversy by offering to sell his embryos for $2 million each to people who can’t have children and want the guarantee of good-looking babies.

Poncho de Nigris, a Mexican television presenter, entrepreneur and influencer who originally became known nationwide after participating in the second season of hit reality show Big Brother Mexico, recently sparked controversy after claiming that he is considering selling two embryos he and his wife saved in case they ever wanted to have more children. The Mexican celebrity said that because the quality of the embryos is ‘guaranteed’ and they would be helping ‘improve the human race’, it wouldn’t be fair to just give them away. Instead, he reportedly plans to charge interested couples for $2 million for each of the two frozen embryos.

Photo: Poncho de Nigris/Instagram

The 46-year-old influencer believes that there would be a lot of takers for his embryos, which are already fertilized, because of his great genes, which are already visible in the four children he has with his wife, Marcela. De Nigris clarified that both embryos are girls and are of the highest quality, as genetic studies were carried out to guarantee the product.

The television presenter said that he and his wife don’t plan to have any more children, so if anyone is interested in their two frozen embryos, they are willing to sit down and talk. He also added that the embryos can remain frozen indefinitely, and could one day be used as a life insurance policy for his family, in the event of his death.


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Poncho de Nigris admitted that selling his embryos to couples unable to conceive or who desire his genes counts as a business, but added that he also views it as improving the human race.

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