Jack Daniels Names Newborn Son Jim Beam

Giving babies weird names like ‘North West’ and ‘Blue Ivy’ has always been a celebrity thing, but it looks like ordinary people are joining in on the trend as well. The Leathers family from Louisiana for instance, name their kids after alcoholic beverages. Keeping up the tradition is new father ‘Jack Daniels’ Leathers, who has recently named his baby boy ‘Jim Beam’.

Jack, 31, and his wife Lydia, 23, said that they decided early-on in their relationship that they wanted to continue the whiskey-name tradition that Jack’s parents had started. “My parents decided they wanted to name their son something to make their parents mad,” Jack explained. “And, at the time, my dad was drinking Jack, which he enjoyed. My mom said, ‘Why not?’”

jack-daniels-son jim-beam

According to Jack, growing up with such an unusual name was an interesting experience. And things got even better after he enlisted in the Army. “Nobody believed my name until I showed them my ID,” he recalled. “When I went into the Army, sergeants would yell, ‘How much more American can you get than Jack Daniels?’ I went through most of my Army career not hearing my last name because people would call me Jack Daniels.”

Jack and Lydia wanted to carry on the theme, so when they got married, they had Judge Johnny Walker officiate the ceremony. “When Judge Johnny Walker realised that he was marrying Lydia to Jack Daniels, he turned red,” said Jack. And now that they have named their son Jim Beam, the couple are trying to get in touch with the Judge and notify him about it.

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Jack said that he plans to continue the eccentric naming convention for his future children as well. “If we have another child, our second born will be Evan Williams, after the bourbon. If it’s a girl, she will be Sherry, like the cooking sherry,” he said. And Lydia has no objections. “I’ve always tried to do stuff out of the ordinary,” she said. “It’s hard to find a name that you like that nobody you know has. It was all Jack’s idea. I just went along with it.”

Lydia also admitted that they get a lot of flak from others for their weird choice, but they aren’t too bothered about it. “At the end of the day, it’s our son, and it’s what we wanted to do.”

Source: Houma Today

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