Japanese Company Creates Socks That Keep Bad Foot Odor at Bay

Thanks to a new Japanese invention, smelly, sweaty feet might just become a thing of the past. ‘Curetex’ socks, created by product design shop Muse Ricette, work as a sweat absorbent, deodorant, humidity controller, and UV block. 

The socks are made using a special Japanese paper called Washi fiber, which is believed to have antiseptic and anti-odor properties. It absorbs moisture, bacteria, and bad odor, keeping feet fresh and clean all the time.  “The socks are based on a very old traditional Japanese paper called Washi,” said product designer Aiko Yukawa. “It was used 1,500 years ago to make summer kimonos. It was found to have properties of antiseptic, anti-odor, UV block, and humidity control. It used to be mixed with other fabrics because it was so hard, but we have developed a soft fiber called curetex yam.”


“We have scientific data that proves that people’s feet won’t smell when wearing these socks,” she added. “These socks bring an end to those people who get embarrassed if their feet smell and your feet will always feel fresh and clean.”


Curetex socks come in two colors – black and dark gray – and in sizes 6-8 and 9-11. They also have individual toes, for added comfort. They are priced at $24 a pair.

Photos: Muse Ricette

via Curetex

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