Japanese Company Makes Custom Coffins for Vampire Fans

Ziggy Vamp Co. Ltd., a Tokyo-based company that specializes in products for wannabe vampires, is selling hand-made, customizable coffin furniture.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your very own sleeping coffin, you’re in luck! For just 429,000 yen ($3,200), you can now order the essential vampire bed and feel like a true blood-sucker. I know what you’re thinking, $3,200 isn’t cheap, but this isn’t some generic casket you’re spending your money on. Not only is it hand-made from actual wood, by carpenters at established woodworking and upholstering companies Yushin Kensho and Dainichi, but they are highly customizable and have multiple uses.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a vampire coffin bed, but if you ever get tired of it, you can simply use it as something else. As Ziggy Vamp demonstrates in a series of promotional images, the coffin can be used as a couch, dining table or as an extra storage space.

You can order the bed in various colors, from classic black to pink, opt for a variety of metallic accessories like handles and crosses, and choose the type and color of upholstery from velour or satin.

The vampire coffins come in two sizes – a standard 187-cm-long option, and a 197-cm standard-plus. Prices vary, but they start at 429,000 yen ($3,200).

According to @press, Ziggy Vamp initiated a crowdfunding campaign for the vampire coffin bed in 2020, and realized that there was a demand for this kind of unusual furniture, so they set up a production line. Now anyone can sleep like a vampire.

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