Japanese Man Spends $150,000 on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Michelangelo’s David

Alan, a 20-year-old kid from Japan, spent $150,000 on plastic surgery in a span of just one year. After being teased throughout school for his effeminate looks, he wanted to permanently change his face. And he chose to model it after Michelangelo’s masterpiece Renaissance sculpture, David. Alan wanted to make himself look ‘foreign’ and have an ‘ageless face’ so he felt like ‘the ideal is the Statue of David’.

I’m not sure how much Alan resembles the chiseled face of David, but he certainly looks nothing like his former self. He was on a Japanese TV show recently, where he spoke about his various surgeries – two on the nose, one on the eyes, four lift-and-tucks to remove and prevent wrinkles, and injections to alter the shape of his chin. Alan left home and moved to Tokyo at the age of 16. There, he got involved with at least five older women who have sponsored all his beauty treatments.

But he was quick to point out that he didn’t share sexual relationships with any of these women. He said: “If I do that once, the money flow will stop as that companion will be satisfied.” It appears that Alan’s income from his lady-friends is quite regular – he visits his plastic surgeon every morning to get a special IV (worth $3,000 a month) loaded with supplements that keep him looking young.


Alan said that he doesn’t control his diet, which is quite surprising for a person so conscious of his looks. He eats pretty much whatever he wants because he thinks a diet causes stress and stress isn’t good for beauty. He just takes about thirty different supplement pills a day and gets fat burning injections in his stomach when he starts to feel flabby.


On the TV show, Alan said that he wanted to meet Vanilla Chamu, also known as ‘Osaka’s Plastic Surgery Cyborg’. The Japanese model became an internet sensation after she spent $100,000 on 30 procedures to transform herself into a perfect living French doll. When she entered the TV the studio, Alan was in awe. “Her boobs are amazing,” was all he could manage to say.


It’s pretty obvious that Alan is consumed by his own appearance. He constantly monitors his face by clicking at least 1,500 selfies a month – he has 4,000 pictures of himself on his smartphone. Alan said that he wants to use plastic surgery to become more beautiful than anyone else. He doesn’t care if he’s respected or not, he just wants to look good.

via Kotaku

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