Le Whif – The Chocolate Inhaler

Are you addicted to chocolate? Do you want to stop eating the sweet treat, but can’t live without its taste? Now you don’t have to, Le Whif lets you taste chocolate without putting-on extra weight.

Harvard professor David Edwards and his students have created the revolutionary inhaling device as a conclusion to our eating habits. Over the years people have started eating in smaller quantities but more frequently, much like breathing.

Sure you will have to live without that wonderful sensation of chocolate melting on your tongue, but that keeps the extra kilograms off your body, I’d say it’s worth a try. Le Whif contains chocolate particles big enough not to reach the lungs, and small enough to have virtually no calories.

Le Whif chocolate inhaler comes in 4 different flavors: raspberry, mint, mango and simple chocolate, and it goes on sale on April 29, at a price of 1.50 English pounds.




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