Lee Hadwin – The Sleepwalking Artist

We’ve all heard of and probably even known people who snore, smile, talk and even walk in their sleep. But creating art while sleeping? Now, that’s something!

This is exactly the curious case of Lee Hadwin, a 37 year old artist from London, who has been drawing in his sleep since the age of four. When he first started out, he would walk around in his sleep, scribbling on the walls of his house. He once carved on an old bureau, a family heirloom. His mother wasn’t too pleased with this. But soon, Hadwin’s scribblings turned into serious forms of art. As his artwork began to get more beautiful and intricate, he started to gain attention. His “sleep-art” has become so popular now that each piece fetches him a handsome six-figure price. He has produced around 200 pieces of art so far. He now goes to bed every night prepared, with his sketch books and art materials scattered around his flat.

It is interesting to note that when he’s wide awake, Hadwin cannot draw to save his life. In fact, he was awarded a “D” in school for his art course. It is only when the sleep fairy visits, that he is able to gain access to his unique talent. Hadwin attributes this strange phenomenon to supernatural powers. He believes he is visited by spirits who are communicating from the other side, through him. Scientists, however, have a different view of things. Sleep therapists have explained this bizarre display of artistic genius as a sign of severe mental trauma. Hadwin had lost five of his close friends at an early age, and this could be the cause of his condition.

The real reason is perhaps, something we will never know, owing to the fact that Hadwin can remember nothing of his nocturnal activities the next morning. Some of his friends have recorded him while he paints in his sleep. He is embarrassed to watch himself, but cannot recollect anything. For now, we can only sit back and admire the beautiful artwork created by this unique sleepwalking artist. You can find out more about Lee Hadwin on his Facebook page, here.



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