Like Smashing Stuff? You Could Get Paid to Be a Mobile Phone Destruction Tester

If you’re passionate about breaking high-tech stuff, we may have found the job of your dreams. Believe it or not, a UK-based cell phone comparison website currently has a vacancy for ‘Mobile Phone Destruction Tester’, a part time position that pays £36,500 (nearly $55,00) a year!

The ideal candidate for the job would be someone who loves mobile tech, and has a “long history of destruction, particularly in the field of mobile phones,” the listing on mentions. “We want you to take the latest smartphones and put them through their paces in real world scenarios. Drop them in the bath, stomp them in the mosh pit, accidentally dip them in your Chicken Vindaloo.”

However, candidates would also have to be good with written and spoken English, and familiar with using computers, because “there has to be some boring part to the job.”


The listing revealed that the company is tired of doing boring mobile phone reviews. “Our readers aren’t interested in how much RAM they’re getting,” Tiger Mobiles claims. “They’re interested in how easy it is to smash a screen, if their pricey gadget can be cleaned. They want to know what will happen to their £600 mobile when a sticky toddler with a penchant for pyromania gets hold of it.”

So they want to do reviews that are a bit more “explody”, and they’re looking for people who can test how phones stand up to real life challenges. Apart from the awesome pay, they’re offering the selected candidate “a cheeky Nandos and a free night out for every phone you review.”


“This is probably the most unusual role we’ve ever recruited for but it’s also one of the most important,” said Brandon Ackroyd, head of customer service, adding that all they want is for the phones to be tested to the extreme. “Nights out, hikes in the country, drop tests in the bath – nothing is off limits.” Even drinking on the job is encouraged, but the company is drawing the line at getting kids involved. “Do not involve toddlers please,” the listing says, “child labour laws are too complicated for us.”

As we mentioned, the job does have some boring parts to it; the selected candidate will have to provide a written review of all their experiences, along with pictures. But that doesn’t sound too bad, really, considering how much fun destroying cellphones can be. Plus, they only need between six and ten phones destroyed per year.


If it turns out to be for real, ‘Mobile Phone Destruction Tester’ has to be one of the coolest jobs out there. Do you agree?

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