Man Allegedly Pranks Ex-Girlfriend by Sending Over 50 Food Orders to Her Door

An unknown person believed to be a scorned ex-boyfriend placed over 50 food orders at multiple restaurants in Izmir, Turkey, and sent them all to the same address.

The incident took place last week, at around 9:00 pm, when over two dozen couriers showed up in front of an apartment building on Çimen Street, in Izmir’s Balçova district. The unusual gathering was captured on video by passers-by and the clips shared on Turkish social media quickly went viral. It wasn’t long before the press got involved and started investigating the story. It turns out that a person took advantage of Turkish food delivery app Yemeksepeti‘s cash-on-delivery option to place several orders under fake names and send them all to the same address.

Photo: Rowan Freeman/Unsplash

The unknown person didn’t even bother using a real phone number, instead using the suspicious number 0555 555 55 55. Some of the restaurants that received his orders noticed the bizarre number and tried calling it for confirmation, but many did not. Over 50 orders went out to the same address at about the same time, and multiple videos show 25 delivery guys waiting in front of the same building to collect payment.

None of the restaurants bothered filing a complaint with the police, so no one even bothered looking for a suspect, but several Izmir eateries contacted by reporters admitted falling victim to the prank. One restaurant owner said that several other restaurants called to warn them about the fake orders, but by that time the food had already been sent out. The orders all returned, but most of the food had to be thrown away.


Although it has yet to be confirmed that the man is a scorned ex-boyfriend, that seems to be the general consensus on social media, and some news outlets even reported it as such.

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