Man Calmly Drives With Swarm of Bees Nesting Inside of His Car

Bees are considered an omen of good fortune in China, so when a man found a swarm of bees building their nest in his car, he decided to just drive the car with his new winged companions.

A man from China’s Anhui province recently went viral after posting a series of videos of himself calmly driving in his car with bees swarming around inside the vehicle. Most people would freak out at the sight of a single bee flying around their head, but the Chinese driver, surnamed Yao, was all smiles and even boasted that he was ‘going to be rich,’ referring to the belief that bees visiting one’s home was an auspicious omen. It’s unclear how the bees got into the car or why they chose it as their place of congregation, but the viral videos gave many on social media goosebumps.

“Check them out! I’m going to be rich,” Yao said in a Douyin (TikTok) video posted on March 31st. Shot by a passenger who attested to the authenticity of the footage, the video attracted a lot of attention on Chinese social media. People familiar with bees commented that it was not unusual for the insects to build a new nest with their queen in the spring, and experts confirmed that bees departing their old nest usually congregate into a mass formation before finding a new home.

“I can’t believe he spent a whole day in peace with the bees! I dare not spend a minute together with them,” one person commented.


“The driver is a legend, keeping the bees as pets,” someone else wrote.

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