Man Climbs 4,100m Mountain in Three-Piece Suit and Leather Shoes

A popular Japanese tailor and adventurer recently went viral on social media after climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia, in a three-piece suit and stylish leather suit.

One of the last things you would expect to see at the top of the 4,095-meter Mount Kinabalu is a Japanese fellow wearing a pristine three-piece suit, classy leather suit, and an office ID tag around his neck and carrying a messenger bag. And yet that was exactly the unusual sight that mountaineers at the top of Malaysia’s highest peak were treated to this week as Nobutaka Sada, a Japanese tailor and adventurer, posed for photos and videos to post on his popular social media accounts. Sada owns his own bespoke suit label and he often pulls this kind of stunt to promote his brand.

Photo: Nobutaka Sada/Facebook

In the past, Mr. Sada climbed Japan’s 26th tallest peak, Mount Shirouma (2,932m), ran the Tokyo marathon, skied on the slopes of Hokkaido and even snorkeled in the Genkai sea, all while wearing his impeccable suit, vest, tie and leather shoes. And he always talks up his attire and how it holds up in any situation. This time, he said that his suit kept him warm and toasty in the tropical humidity and rain, and helped him reach his “business meeting” at the top in time.

“Climbing Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest peak in Borneo, with SADA’s order suit! Mountain higher than Mt. Fuji at 4095m elevation!” Sada wrote on TikTok. “I was able to stay in a hut in the middle of the starlight, climb up a steep area, and enjoy the light at the top of the mountain!”

The sight of a suit-wearing Japanese “businessman” climbing Mount Kinabalu attracted a lot of attention, and videos of Sada making the arduous climb started going viral online earlier this week. The Japanese entrepreneur promised to upload a video of the experience on YouTube, where he usually posts longer promotional clips.