Man Disguises Himself as Blonde Woman to Avoid Arrest, Fails

A 33-year-old Florida man suspected of stealing a boat was recently arrested while trying to avoid police by wearing a blonde wig, a dress, and oversized sunglasses.

Joshua Kolotka was arrested last Wednesday in the Florida Heartland by police officers investigating a boat theft at the Old Caloosa Lodge area in Lakeport. While canvassing the area for the man identified as a suspect in the case, investigators noticed a blonde woman wearing a white cardigan over a light blue dress and large sports sunglasses exiting a house. They stopped her and immediately realized the woman was actually a man wearing a disguise. He turned out to be Kolotka and he was quickly taken into custody and arrested on two warrants, along with charges for the theft of the boat and the theft of a John Deere Gator.

Photo: Glades County Sheriff’s Office

‘They observed Joshua Kolotka exiting a residence dressed as a woman in an attempt to disguise himself,’ the sheriff’s office wrote in a release, adding that numerous other items that were also possibly stolen were found in the suspect’s home. Investigators will now try to identify stolen items from other theft cases.

A side-by-side photo released by the Glades County Sheriff’s Office shows Joshua Kolotka in his feminine disguise alongside a mugshot revealing him with a buzz cut. It went viral on social media, inspiring dozens of hilarious comments.


“He did make a pretty girl,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Thank you for being inclusive, diversity matters in the criminal world,” someone else commented.

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