Man Drowns After Being Pushed Off of Ferry for Arriving Too Late

Greece was recently shocked by the tragic death of a man who drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean after being pushed in by the crew of a ferryboat for coming aboard at the last minute.

The incident occurred in Piraeus Harbor, close to the Greek capital of Athens. CCTV footage shows a man running down the ramp of the Blue Horizon ferryboat, just as it’s getting ready to leave the port. At this point, the sea vessel is still connected to dry land, but as two crew members attempt to stop the man from coming aboard, the boarding ramp retracts and the man falls into the gap between the ferryboat and the port. At this point, the crew appears to do absolutely nothing to help the man, who is clearly struggling. The boat simply continues its journey to the island of Crete, before being ordered to return to Piraeus by the port authorities.

Videos shot by ferryboat passengers and eyewitnesses on land show the man trying to stay afloat, but no one actually does anything to help. It’s unclear how much time passed until the Coast Guard finally arrived, but one thing is for sure – by the time they pulled him out of the water, the man was unconscious, and he was later pronounced dead.

An investigation into the poor man’s death is currently underway, but based on the evidence available so far, a prosecutor has already filed criminal charges against a ferry captain and three crew members. One crew member was charged with possible attempted murder and the other two with complicity, while the captain was accused of several regulatory violations related to navigation.

“Yesterday’s shameful incident is not indicative of the kind of country we want,” Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said, describing the incident as “a combination of irresponsible behavior and cynicism, contempt and indifference”.

Greece’s merchant marine minister, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, said that the crew’s behavior was “a vile insult to Greek sailors,” clarifying that the victim had bought a ferry ticket and was just trying to get back on board after briefly leaving it for reasons that we may never know.

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