Man Impersonates Army Officer for Four Years to Impress Women

A Chinese man was recently arrested after it was discovered that he had posed as a senior colonel in the Chinese army in order to impress women.

A couple of days ago, police in Ji’an County, China’s Jianxi Province, put out a statement regarding the apprehension of a man who had been posing as a senior colonel in the army’s rocket division for over four years. The man, identified only as ‘Zhu’, had apparently turned up for Covid-19 testing at a medical facility in Ao Township dressed in an official uniform that featured all the insignia of a high-ranking officer. He even had genuine-looking identification documents on him, but when the staff ran his name through a database, they found no one with his title in the Chinese army, so they called the police.

Upon questioning Zhu, police agents weren’t satisfied with his explanations, so he was taken to the Ao Township Police Station for further investigation. After failing to talk his way out of trouble, the middle-aged man admitted that he was no colonel, and that he has bought his uniform and identification documents on the internet.

Zhe confessed that he had always dreamed of having a highly respected and coveted position in the Chinese army, mostly because women seemed to be attracted to officers, so when he found a realistic colonel uniform on the internet back in 2018, he decided to start a new life as an army officer.


The uniform was very well done, and with the help of a fake ID, Zhu allegedly managed to trick his way into the hearts of several women, just like he had dreamed. The title also opened up several other doors for him in Chinese society, so he decided to stick with it for over four years.

Although Zhu’s actions don’t seem that serious at first glance, the man now faces severe consequences, as impersonating army personnel is considered a very serious crime.

via iFeng News (Chinese)

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