Man Impersonates Police Officer to Help Sister Cheat on Exam

An Indian man was arrested for wearing a police uniform and impersonating a police officer to help his sister cheat on her 12th standard exam.

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams, a pivotal moment for students across India’s Maharashtra state began on February 21, and we already have a viral cheating scandal. A 24-year-old man entered the Shahbabu Urdu High School in the town of Patur wearing a khaki police officer uniform with a very clear goal – to help one student pass the tough exam by passing her cheat sheets. Anupam Madan Khandare thought he had it all figured out when he got his hands on a realistic police uniform. He planned to infiltrate the examination center under the pretext of supervising the students and give his sister the information needed to pass the exam. Only things didn’t really play out as planned.

Khandare managed to enter Shahbabu Urdu High School with ease and was getting ready to carry out his plan when a real police inspector and his team arrived to deal with security during the important exam. Upon seeing them, the fake policeman attempted to salute his colleagues, but his awkward gestures immediately raised suspicion.

As the real policemen began thoroughly examining the 24-year-old’s uniform, they noticed all kinds of inconsistencies. First, they saw that the nameplate on his uniform was incorrect, then that the quality of his uniform left a lot to be desired. Upon confronting him and checking his pockets, they found a bunch of cheat sheets meant for his sister, who was taking the 12th standard exam.

The 24-year-old fake cop was taken into custody and charged with impersonating a government servant. He now risks spending time behind bars for his stunt.

In a country where the pressure to excel academically can be overwhelming, instances of cheating, impersonation, and even subject leaks have become quite common. Many believe that the system needs an overhaul, with an emphasis on surveillance and more stringent checks.

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