Man Spends 21 Hours on His Knees in Front of Ex-Girlfriend’s Workplace

A young man from China’s Sichuan province spent over 20 hours kneeling in front of his ex-girlfriend’s workplace hoping to convince her to take him back.

A lovesick man became the talk of Chinese social media this month after spending almost 21 hours kneeling outside his ex-girlfriend’s workplace in Dazhou City. The man reportedly started the extreme attempt to get back into his ex’s good graces at 1 pm on March 28 and remained on his knees until 10 am the next day, braving the rain, the cold, and the curious stares of passers-by. At first, no one really paid attention to the lone man kneeling on the street with a bouquet of red roses next to him, but as the hours passed, people started noticing him and asking what he was doing. Before long, a crowd had formed around him.

“It’s not necessary to keep on kneeling. The girlfriend is not willing to show up but you are still here, losing face,” a man surnamed Li told the jilted lover, but he would not budge.

At one point, as the man didn’t seem to hear all the people begging him to end the self-inflicted torture, someone called the police to make him leave, but they didn’t fare much better.

“He said his girlfriend broke up with him a few days ago. He wants to seek her forgiveness and he hoped she could date him again,” one of the police officers told reporters.

“Is it illegal for me to kneel down here? If it is not illegal, please leave me alone,” the jilted man said when police tried to get him to get up and clear the street.

The South China Morning Post reported that the man reluctantly took his bouquet and “reluctantly” left, probably because he couldn’t endure the cold anymore.

It’s unclear why exactly the man’s girlfriend had broken up with him in the first place, or if she was even at her workplace during the 21 hours he spent on his knees, but, nevertheless, most people didn’t agree with the way he handled things.

“Why humiliate yourself? Just let her go,” someone commented.

“From this video, I understand why the ex-girlfriend had left him,” someone else wrote.

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