Man Spends $65,000 on Macabre World Tour of Celebrity Graves

For most people, an ideal holiday involves gorgeous natural surroundings, famous landmarks and fun activities, but for 38-year-old Mark Dabbs the perfect vacation is all about visiting celebrity graves. So far he has spent around £40,000 ($65,000) traveling across six continents and visiting the final resting places of over 200 famous people.

From the grave of kung-fu legend, Bruce Lee, in Seattle, to the glass coffin of communist leader Mao Tze-Tung, in Beijing, Mark Dabbs, a male nurse from England, has trekked every continent, except Antarctica, in search of famous tombs. He say it all began 20 years ago, when he visited the final resting place of American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in Virginia, USA. He just found it fascinating and since then he has traveled the world in search of more celebrity graves, dragging his siblings and sometimes even his girlfriends along with him. Mark admits most people don’t share his passion for tracking down and visiting the macabre attractions, but says he can’t think of a better way to spend his summer vacations. He considers each tomb a museum that tells the story of a person’s life and he doesn’t mind spending around £2,000 ($3,200) every year on at least 2 or 3 trips to satisfy his curiosity. Mark estimates he has spent at least £40,000 ($65,000) on his macabre hobby since he first started visiting graveyards.


Mark Dabbs has had his picture taken with over 200 celebrity graves around the world, but ranks those of Bruce Lee, Leon Trotski and John F. Kennedy as the top three on his list. He’s also visited the final resting places of Wild West legends Buffalo Bill and Calamity Jane, Charlie Chaplin’s grave in Switzerland, and those of Beethoven, Karl Marx and Johnny Ramone, among others. He’s now trying to locate the graves of all US Presidents and British Prime-Ministers, so he can add them on his list.







Photos: Mark Dabbs/Flickr

Source: Daily Mail/Caters News Agency

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