Man Steals 53 iPhones on His First Day of Work at Electronics Store

A Russian man was recently arrested after stealing 53 new iPhones on his very first day of work at a Moscow electronics store.

Earlier this month, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs published a short clip of a man “cleaning up” an electronics store in Moscow and filling a small suitcase and several bags with dozens of iPhone cases. The 44-year-old unnamed man doesn’t seem bothered by the surveillance camera and, after trying and failing to change its facing direction with a cleaning mop, he simply carries on with his business. After taking 53 brand-new iPhones and 53,000 rubles ($570) from the register, he casually walks out the front door. Believe it or not, this was the man’s first day on the job as a sales manager at the electronics store…

Police sources told Russian news outlet Lenta that the 44-year-old man had used forged documents to secure a job as a sales manager at the electronics store, and on the very first day, after obtaining a set of keys to the store, he came in earlier than everybody, took 53 new iPhones and all of the money in the register and then left the city to his home in Sevastopol.

Because he didn’t even put in the effort to conceal his face, the man was quickly identified by the authorities and apprehended in Sevastopol. Police were able to confiscate some of the stolen goods found in his home, but the thief said that he had managed to sell dozens of iPhones on his way home from Moscow.


A criminal case has been opened against the 44-year-old conman, and he has been placed in police custody. The electronics store estimates that its losses amount to about 3 million rubles ($32,000). Management will surely verify its job candidates’ credentials a lot more carefully moving forward, that’s for sure…

iPhone thefts are not uncommon. Just last year, we wrote about a man who got robbed of 300 iPhones moments after walking out of an iPhone store in New York.

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