Man Sues Dozens of Women for Giving Him Negative Reviews on Facebook Group

A Chicago man is suing 27 women for $75 million after they posted negative comments about him on a Facebook dating group, calling him “very clingy” and a ghoster.

32-year-old Nikko D’Ambrosio claims that his reputation was tarnished after several women who claim to have dated him posted their negative experiences on a private Facebook group called ‘Are We Dating the Same Guy’. The popular group originated in New York, but has since branched out to other major cities and is mainly used by women to share their experiences with men and ask for advice about various red flags. In D’Ambrosio’s case, dozens of women wrote derogatory comments, labeling him as clingy or accusing him of ghosting them after getting what he wanted. Now, the Chicago man is suing several of these women, as well as moderators of the Facebook group and parts of the social network’s parent company for $75 million.

Photo: Rene Ranisch/Unsplash

It all started when a woman posted  about Nikko D’Ambrosio on the Facebook group, claiming to have dated him and describing how he got “very clingy very fast,” flaunted his money, and “kept talking about how I don’t want to see his bad side, especially when he was on business calls.” This prompted a slew of similar comments from other women who described their experiences with him.

“I went out with him a few times just over a year ago — he told me what I wanted to hear until I slept with him and then he ghosted … I’d steer clear,” one woman wrote.

“He’s been posted here before. The poster said he sent her a slew of texts calling her names because she didn’t want to spend the night with him,” another group member posted.

Nikko D’Ambrosio admits to having dated the woman who made the original post on the ‘Are We Dating the Same Guy’ Facebook group, going on a number of “unremarkable dates”, pointing out that they never engaged in an exclusive dating relationship. He is now accusing the woman of spreading lies about him in the group in an attempt to ruin his reputation.

The man’s lawyers allege that he has been subjected to defamation, doxxing, and invasion of privacy as a result of the defendants’ behavior and he is seeking compensation. As per the lawsuit, he is requesting $75 million.

“The defendants broadcast their outrageous, cruel, and malicious lies about the plaintiff with the knowledge that the statements were false or with reckless disregard as to whether or not they were true,” D’Ambrosio’s complaint read. “Their wrongful conduct is so outrageous in character and so extreme in degree that it is beyond all possible bounds of decency and is to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.”


D’Ambrosio also claims that having personal photos shared on the Facebook group and being the target of so many negative comments caused him “personal humiliation, mental anguish and suffering, emotional distress, stress, anxiety, and lost earnings”.

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