Man Sues “Extrasensory Service Company” After Psychics Fail to Bring Back His Estranged Wife

The Sixth Sense, a Russian company that allegedly specializes in extrasensory services, fortune-telling, spiritism and astrology, was recently ordered to pay damages to a client after its psychics and magicians failed to bring back his estrange wife.

The unnamed plaintiff, from the Siberian city of Omsk, was left by his wife in August of 2017. He told the court that he was devastated at the time, but found hope in a TV advert that promised to help people win back spouses and lovers, as well as remove various types of curses. With nothing else to cling on to, the desperate man immediately called the company, and was told by the manager that she could bring his wife back to him, as she possessed a certain “magic, sensory knowledge” that had helped her deal with similar cases before.

Photo: FeeLoona/Pixabay

But as you might have guessed, magic doesn’t come cheap, and the man was asked to pay a fee of 260,332 rubles ($4,000) to get his wife back. According to the contract with The Sixth Sense, the company promised the plaintiff to appoint specialists in extrasensory, bio-therapeutic, fortune-telling, spiritualism or astrology to the case, but the man told the court that he was provided no such services.

After sending a written complaint to The Sixth Sense demanding the return of his wife or his money back, which remained unanswered, the Omsk man took the company to court. After analyzing the evidence, The Kuybyshevsky Court in Omsk could find no evidence that any of the promised services had been rendered and ordered The Sixth Sense to pay the plaintiff 400,000 roubles ($6,300) as compensation.

News website Rambler reports that Russia is currently a booming market for extrasensory services, which it attributes to the popularity of “psychic challenge” TV shows featuring contestants who claim to have all kinds of supernatural powers. One participant is such a show – a fifth-generation magician from Scandinavia – offered seats in the Russian Parliament for $1 million each. She was eventually charged with fraud.

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