Man Takes Revenge on Cheating Wife by Selling Her Things on eBay

An angry husband recently made headlines for selling his “cheating wife’s belongings” on the internet, after she reportedly ran off with someone who “looks like Beppe from Eastenders”.

The anonymous man, who goes by the handle Calibristeve on eBay, listed piles of clothing, shoes and even a black Smart car on the popular online shopping site. Describing the collection as a “complete job lot of possessions belonging to my cheating ex w***e of a wife”, the scorned lover revealed that he plans to use the proceeds to commission the services of prostitutes in his marital home, and buy enough Scotch whisky to drink himself into a coma.


Bidding for the clothes and shoes had reached £185 before the man claims eBay took his ad down due to profanity used in the description. The 2004 Smart Roadster, which he describes as an “absolute disgrace of a car, which is the only thing of any value I have left after my darling ex left me in ruins” and a “ridiculous piece of German engineered campness [that] would ideally suit any hairdresser/florist or person with little or no dignity,” had fetched over £1,400 at the time of this writing.


This all sounds like a bad joke, but the Daily Mail claims to have gotten in touch with the man – who wishes to remain anonymous – and he confirmed the whole story. “It was a very good way of venting a lot of bile and it was very cathartic,” he told the English tabloid. “I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people and messages of support. I even had someone message me and offer to send me some free Scotch through the post.”


The man, who has used his eBay page to sell a number of cars during the last year, first posted the Smart Roadster, writing “I hate this car nearly as much as I hate my ex who I bought it for, and to be honest she didn’t like it that much either so she took my car in the split.” But following encouragements from potential buyers, he decided to auction off all the possessions his ex had left behind.

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