Man Wins Lamborghini Murcielago, Crashes It in a Matter of Hours

David Dopp was in the news last month, for winning a Lamborghini. Then again last weekend, for wrecking it.

Dopp, a resident of Santaquin, Utah, won a lime green Murcielago Roadster worth $380,000 at a giveaway contest held by Maverick store. Sometime last month, the official announcement was made by the contest organizers at a college football game. On learning that he had won the car, Dopp was jumping up and down excitedly, a spectacle that was videotaped and broadcast on the local news. He received the car last Saturday, and 6 hours later, had crashed it. “Yeah, I got it on Saturday and I wrecked it on Saturday,” he said to local TV stations.

Dopp was apparently enjoying his new car, taking friends and family on joy rides. On the outskirts of his town, he took a curve at 40-50 mph, which caused the vehicle to start spinning after it hit loose gravel or ice. After crashing through a few fence posts, it finally came to rest in the field. He isn’t sure how much the repairs will cost him yet, but it’s bound to run into thousands of dollars, given that we’re talking about a Lamborghini. The damage was pretty extensive and the car has a punctured tyre, scratches along one side, and damage to the front and rear ends. Luckily, no one was hurt. But Dopp and his wife were undoubtedly in shock. “My heart pretty much fell out,” said his wife, Annette.

Photo © Alex Cabrero/KSL News

Luckily for Dopp, he had the car insured as soon as he received it. So some extent of the damages would be paid for. Even so, it’s probably heartbreaking to see such a beauty of a car in its present condition. He’s now changed his plans for the car. He wants to sell it as soon as it’s in a better condition, to pay off his bills and then buy his wife another car. Dopp is pretty positive that the car would be up and running again in a couple of months.


via KSL News