Master Seducer Is Paid To Catch Cheating Girlfriends

Men certainly seem to be willing to dish out large sums of money for love-related services. First it was to hire wingmen and then for breaking up. Now it’s the turn of all the jealous boyfriends and husbands out there to spend some cash and prove their women are cheats. If you’re thinking detective agency, you’re wrong. Men are actually hiring this guy to directly flirt with and seduce women in order to prove their betrayal.

The man who makes this possible is Jack Knowles, a handsome young Englishman. He has been working in stealth for men of varying ages and backgrounds for the past two years, and has so far made a whopping £200,000 ($315,000). The work that pays so well even has a name – Honey-Trapping. The master seducer works his charm on unsuspecting women; if they respond, it’s break-up time for the couple in question. If the woman brushes him off, the relationship is effectively saved.

Being cheated on himself, Jack could totally relate to his first customer. In 2009, he split up with his high-school sweetheart of two years. While he thought of her as his soul mate, she apparently thought nothing of cheating on him. Just a few weeks after the break-up, he was approached by a man at a nightclub in Birmingham. Jack had no idea about honey-trapping then. “He told me he thought I was a good looking guy. He then explained his wife was on a night out down the road and asked if I could flirt with her to see if she reciprocated and then let him know the answer,” says Jack. The stranger offered him £100 in return for the favor. Given his recent bitter experience, Jack could completely empathize with the man and decided to help him out. Thankfully the woman never responded to his advances and the relationship was saved.

After the incident, Jack realized that he could make good money this way. So in December 2009 he set up a website and advertised his company on Google. A week later, he had a client. After six months, he didn’t even need to promote himself on the internet anymore, since people were coming in through word-of-mouth. He now has a steady stream of clients and charges according to the area. Since Birmingham is nearby, the rates are only about £300, but for far off places the prices would be higher and may include hotel expenses.

In two years of honey-trapping, Jack has met all kinds of people. He did catch a few cheaters, like this wife of a top businessman who took Jack into her hotel room to spend the night. It wasn’t a happy night when the jealous husband walked right in on them. But the strangest case was from a woman who wanted him to check if her lesbian lover was actually straight. Finding it too weird, he refused the job. Jack says his work doesn’t affect his own love-life. The few girlfriends he’s had have not been jealous since he’s a professional and serious about his job.

All said and done, Jack still believes in love. “I may be looking for love cheats but I am hoping to meet one girl that makes me realize that there is such a thing as true love.” Until then, if any of you ladies out there find this man approaching you at a night-club, run for your life!

via Daily Mail

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