Nexsey – A Sticky Tape That Makes Your Neck Look Years Younger

Nexsey is a medical tape designed to make women’s necks look thinner and younger. All you have to do is pinch the loose skin, tape it at the back of your neck, and voila – you just rolled back the clock by a few years.

Nexsey is the brainchild of Linda Gomez, a seasoned beauty product inventor and author of the Baby Boomer Beauty Blog. She claims that she was inspired to create this unusual sticky tape after hearing from women all over the world who had problems with their neck area. Some of them just couldn’t afford corrective surgical procedures, and other were looking for non-invasive alternatives.

“As I started to learn about the options for sagging skin around the neckline, it became obvious that even for women who had undergone a facelift, many still showed signs of aging in the neck area,” Linda writes on her website. “I heard from women all over the world asking about options for other “trouble areas” and neck issues were at the top of the list!”


Photo: Nexsey

So she set out to come up with “a way to help tighten the neckline without any need for expensive or painful procedures,” and after experimenting with a variety of options, she created Nexsey – a medical tape that sticks excess skin at the back of the neck to be covered by hair or clothing, leaving the front looking younger and thinner.


Photo: Nexsey

As demonstrated by Linda herself in a promotional how-to video, the visual effect on Nexsey on the neck is pretty impressive, but I just can’t stop thinking about those cartoon characters that would stretch the loose skin on their faces and tape it at the back of the head to achieve a hilarious youthful look. I mean, it’s the exact same principle.


Also I’m wondering if stretching the skin on the neck for long periods of time doesn’t actually leave it sagging even more when you remove the Nexsey tape? Or what if you’re sweating more than usual on a hot summer day and the tape comes off right in the middle of a face-to-face conversation? That’s gotta be a little awkward. Maybe use several strips of tape, just to be sure.

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