Parents Suspect 28-Year-Old Son Is Too Handsome to Be Theirs, Turn Out to Be Right

A Chinese mother was left heartbroken after a DNA test showed that the child she had raised for 28 years was not her real son. Her ex-husband became suspicious and demanded the test because he couldn’t understand how the boy had turned out so handsome.

The young man’s mother, referred to only as Zhang by Chinese media, said that ever since her son was born, friends and family had always been surprised about how different the child looked, and how handsome he was compared to them. Over the years, all these comments sowed the seeds of doubt in her husband’s mind, and affected their marriage. All the arguments about their son being “too good looking” eventually ended in a divorce, but that wasn’t enough to lay the man’s suspicions to rest.

Zhang and her husband divorced in 2004, but 7 years later, the man demanded a DNA test to make sure that the son they had raised together was actually their flesh and blood.

“[My son] has big eyes and a high nose bridge. His father is not very good looking and is quite different [from my son],” Zhang told Kan Kan News.

The result of the DNA test showed that the father had been right in suspecting that the boy was not his real son. Both his ex wife and the son, Wang Ye, were devastated by the news, and just didn’t want to believe it was true. In 2016, Wang took another DNA test, but the result was the same.

Wang ye was delivered at Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital in February, 1989, and his mother suspects that he was switched at birth. However, the hospital has refused to give the family an explanation, because “they could not find the records from that time”.


Zhang and her son have filed a lawsuit against the hospital and are now hoping to somehow find Wang Ye’s real parents. They have no leads, except for the assumption that they are about as handsome as he is.

via The Sun

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