Peruvian Smoothie Stand Sells “Delicious” Frog Juice

A counter-top restaurant in Lima, Peru has been selling fresh frog juice for the last 15 years, and some locals drink it every day because they say it gives them strength.

There’s nothing like a glass of fresh juice in the morning, right? Peruvian restaurant owner Carmen Gonzales would agree with this 100%, only she has a different kind of juice in mind – frog juice, For the last 15 years she and various other juice stand owners have been serving her Jugo de Rana to locals and tourists brave enough to try it, and business is better than ever. She sells about 80 frog-based drinks every day, and some of her clients have them as breakfast drinks, early in the morning, because it gives them energy for the entire day.

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The frogs, which come from the famous Lake Titicaca, located at a high elevation in southern Peru, are taken out of a small aquarium, killed by banging them against tiles, skinned and dropped into a blender along with 20 other ingredients including¬†white bean broth, honey, raw aloe vera, malt, maca (an Andean root also believed to boost stamina and sex drive) and sometimes even wine. This so-called “Peruvian Viagra” costs around $2, but fans of the drink say it’s worth every penny for its tonic effect on the human body.