Preacher Stages ‘Sexperiment’ to Encourage Worshipers to Make Love More Often

This one is definitely going in the file as one of the most bizarre church stories ever. I mean, we’ve seen ministers rapping the nativity story and also starting tattoo parlors at church. But putting a bed on the roof of a church to encourage couples to have sex? That’s just taking it a bit too far.

Ed Young is a Baptist minister at the Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. He recently co-authored a book with his wife Lisa, called ‘Sexperiment – 7 days to lasting intimacy with your spouse’. Through the book, the minister and his wife encourage couples to go on a 7-day sex challenge. They say that this is what is needed to put the zing back into marriages. The Reverend even conducted the experiment among members of his congregation and says that the couples came back with some highly positive results.


To raise more awareness on the issue of marital sex (I wonder if it’s really even a serious issue), the Youngs actually staged a bed-in on the roof of the church, where they spent 24-hours snuggling in. Although, in all probability, it might have just been a publicity stunt to get the sales of their book going. Thankfully though, they spared us the embarrassment and did not have sex up on the roof. Instead, they had a live webcam broadcasting interviews and they answered questions on social networking websites. They even had their kids join them for a while.


The concept of bed-ins is actually not a new one. It was made famous by John Lennon and Yoko Ono when they staged protest bed-ins for peace in 1969. This is where the Youngs got their inspiration from, to make known their belief that the church has been silent about sex for too long. “We’re bringing the bed back in church,” said Reverend Young. So they teach that by having sex everyday for a week, married couples will become closer and strengthen their faith. Lisa is of the opinion that God is the author and creator of sex, so “what is wrong in speaking about something he was not bashful about?”

The overall message the Youngs are putting forward is that sex is the superglue of marriage. Well, whatever works for you!

via Star-Telegram

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