Russian Model Protests Poor Road Conditions with Professional Pothole Photo Shoots

In an effort to draw attention to the poor state of roads in her home city of Saratov, a Russian model organized a professional photo shoot at one of the largest water-filled pot holes in her neighborhood, posing in a Baywatch bathing suit with a large inflatable flamingo.

Model/Fashion Blogger Anna Moskvicheva originally intended to have the photo shoot in the town of Mirny, where her aunt lives, but after heavy rains created giant road puddles right in her own city, she changed plans and had the photos taken on Tverskaya street, in Saratov. She put on a red Baywatch-style bathing suit, put on a large summer hat and stepped out into the flooded street to pose on a giant inflatable pink flamingo. The resulting photos have been shared on Russian social media thousands of times, with most people congratulating her on the original protest.

Photo: Anna Moskvicheva/Instagram

Moskvicheva says that as she posed for the professional photograph she hired for the shoot, cars were honking as they drove by her chosen pot hole, and passers-by stopped and pulled out her phones to take pictures. She had anticipated that kind of attention, but the exposure she received after her photos went viral online was a bit overwhelming. She was contacted by both local and national news agencies for interviews, and her pics of her posing on a flamingo in a Saratov pot hole were on virtually every news site in Russia.


The idea was to highlight the poor state of roads in Anna’s area, but in a way that would put a smile on people’s faces. “Sort of combine business with pleasure,” the beautiful stylist told Nversia.


Most social media users who commented on her photos congratulated her on the original idea, and some made jokes like “when you want to go to the beach, but you can’t afford it.” Overall, the feedback has been positive, and that prompted Anna Moskvicheva to go ahead with more pot hole photo shoots. Just today, Nversia published a couple of new photos of the model posing in a giant road puddle, this time in Mirny, where she claims the roads are so bad that people can barely reach their homes after heavy rains.


The now famous model has hinted that she plans to organize more of these unusual photo shoots in the future.

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