School Tests Held Outside to Prevent Cheating

Cheating had become a real issue at a middle school in Whuhan, China’s Hubei Province, so the teachers came up with th idea of having kids take tests outdoors, on the school playground.

In most Western countries, children and their parents would have surely shouted “violation of human rights” if forced to attend classes outside, but at one Chinese learning institution this is seen as an effective way to thwart cheating attempts. Apparently, teachers at the¬†Sihuang Middle School, in Wuhan, had become so desperate to effectively crack down on organized cheating rings, they finally decided the best thing to do was to have students take tests on the school’s playground, meters apart from their colleagues, and under the¬†vigilant eye of supervisors.

“In the playground there is more room and no pupil can stretch out and reach another pupil’s desk or whisper an answer to a friend,” a school official said. Children sit far apart from each other, with teacher patrolling between their desks, and supervisors placed on high ground watching for any suspicious movement. Looking at these photos, I have to say I had it pretty easy, back in school. Not that I’m encouraging cheating, that’s wrong kids!



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