Screambulance Offers Haunted House Scares on the Go

The Screambulance is a new haunted house experience in Japan designed to offer the most terrifying experience in a very tiny space, while abiding by social distancing rules.

The Covid-19 pandemic has really taken a toll on the entertainment business, and haunted house experiences are no exception. So now companies are coming up with creative workarounds to stay in business and offer people the scares they crave while abiding social distancing protocols. One such ingenious service is the Screambulance, a mobile haunted house experience in the form of a bloody, beatdown ambulance with an even scarier interior, and a zombie-like staff to boot.

Created by Japanese haunted house company Kowagarasetai (Scaring Corps), the Screambulance is touted as the Asian country’s first mobile horror experience. It’s basically a horror delivery service adapted to the crazy times we live in. The scary-looking ambulance will turn up and park outside your home at a pre-determined time, ready to deliver the spine chilling thrills you’ve been missing.

The interior of the custom-made Screambulance is even worse than the exterior, featuring medical equipment, complete with bags of fake blood, hanging from the ceiling, splattered blood all over the place, as well as audio scares recorded using the┬álatest 3-D sound recording microphone, the KU100. Combined with the stereo system, it’s said to deliver audio that makes you feel like there’s someone else in the ambulance with you.

The Screambulance can be booked online and will serve thrill-seeking clients in all 23 wards of Tokyo. It can serve a party of up to six people, for 15-minute horror sessions, at a cost of 9,000 yen ($83). Sadly, you’ll have to wait until July 1st to enjoy this on-the-go haunted house experience.

The Screambulance is manned by zombie-like scary staff that, sadly, won’t interact with users. The experience is designed to abide by Covid-19 rules, including social distancing. The nightmarish ambulance will also be completely sanitized and ventilated between each use.

Interestingly, the Screambulance was designed by the same people that brought us the world’s first drive-through horror experience, last summer.