Seemingly Indestructible Kung-Fu Master Takes a Drill to the Head Without Even a Scratch

You could say Zhao Rui, a young Shaolin monk from China, is rather thick-skulled. In a shocking video doing the rounds online, he can be seen holding a powerful electric drill to his head, without even breaking his skin, let alone fracturing his skull. The 24-year-old Kung-Fu master can also bend an iron bar against a wall with his throat, and lie on metal spears while stones are broken against his back.

The recent display of Zhao’s skills was intended to show how he had trained his body during several years of martial arts training. He revealed that he was fascinated by martial arts as a child, and ran away from home to join a Shaolin Temple at age 16. He studied there for two years, after which he continued to learn kung fu from other masters. He is now a master himself.


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Zhao’s seemingly superhuman abilities have made him a local celebrity in his hometown of Mianzhu, in southwestern China’s Sichuan province. But although he appears to be invincible, Zhao admitted that he has had his share of injuries during practice.


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He did drill a hole in his head once while practicing the stunt, accidentally ripping off a large chunk of skin. “It was pretty painful but I got better and I learned from the experience and now I can practice pretty often without any problems,” he said. He can now hold a drill against his head for 10 seconds straight, getting away with only a minor scratch.


“I believe in making my body super tough,” he said. “Believe it or not, I used to be quite nervous as a youngster but now that I can break stones with my head I have found that it has given me lots of self-confidence.”


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Zhao Rui is actually not the only person who can take a drill to the head and live to tell the tale. Back in 2010, Hu Qiong, a Shaolin monk nicknamed “Iron Man” made international headlines for performing the same stunt.

Sources: RT, ECNS

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