Sleazy Avatar-Themed Nightclub Opens in South Africa

Somehow I thought Avatar-themed nightclubs would be kind of cool, but recently opened Avastar (I know, right?) proves they can be sleazier than you ever imagined.

Judging by the success of James Cameron’s Avatar movie, it was only a matter of time before someone used his fantasy world as nightclub theme. Only I think anyone could have done a much better job of it than Mike Basson, a South African entrepreneur who looks like one of the gangster Guy Richie uses in his movies. He came up with the “brilliant” name “Avastar” for his new nightclub in Rivonia, South Africa’s version of Las Vegas, slapped cheesy artworks of nude Na’Vi women on the walls, and described his idea as a mind-blowing combination of nature and technology. It’s also got some fancy chandeliers supposed to look like the Tree of Life and some fire-spitting volcanoes, fog machines and lasers, LEDs, pretty everything an Avatar fan dreams of finding in a nightclub themed after their favorite movie.

Photo: Avastar Nightclub

According to mobster-lookalike Basson, everyone is welcome at Avastar, but guys shouldn’t hit on the ladies unless they do it with an Avastar cocktail. Otherwise the bouncers will probably punch you in the face until you get that nice Na’Vi flat nose, just like in the movie.

Photo: Avastar Nightclub

Avastar opened on June 1st, and guess who hosted the party? No, it wasn’t James Cameron, in fact, judging by the sleazy design, he had nothing to do with this place. It was the one and only, David Hasselhoff. You keep your megalomaniac film director, the Hoff is way cooler!


I know, it’s sleazier than you imagined, but it gets even worse. Avastar is the world’s only place where you can admire a topless Na’Vi Marilyn Monroe in some kitschy artworks you normally see airbrushed on the hood of 90’s cars.


via Topless Robot

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