Spanish Family Quit Their Jobs, Sell All Possessions to Travel around the World in a Caravan

A young married couple, from Mijas, Malaga, have decided to quit their jobs, sell everything they own, and go on an adventure around the world, with their two little children, in a caravan.

Do you ever get so tired of your boring life and tedious job that you feel like leaving it all behind and going on an exciting adventure? I know I do, but I’m just too much of a coward to say goodbye to a comfortable lifestyle and venture into the unknown. Fernando Fernandez and his wife Fleur, both 29, were also a little scared to put everything they knew behind them and go on a trip around the globe, but they managed to lock their fears away and pursue their life-long dream of seeing the world. They realize it’s going to be tough living in a camper with their two small children, Aisha (5) and Noah (1), but they feel it’s a sacrifice worth making in order to truly live their lives.

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Talking about how they decided on their daring trip, Fernando says he and his wife had always wanted to see the world, and since he was no longer feeling fulfilled after working nine years in a public institution, they decided it was time for a change. He suggested to Fleur a radical lifestyle change that implied selling everything they owned, buying a modern camper and going on their own adventure around the world. The current economic crisis in Spain was a factor that influenced their decision, but so was the age of their children, since this trip would have been much more difficult when they were older. Fernando had also seen a video of a person who went on a similar journey and that inspired him to follow in their footsteps.

At first, their family and friends were skeptical about their big plan, but after Fernando quit his job and they sold everything they owned and bought a camper, they began showing more support. The only things they took with them are a few clothes, some food, a collection of books, an e-book, some basic tools and toys for their kids. That’s all the baggage they felt they need on their long trip. Their main goal is to spend time together as a family, see and learn new things, and teach their kids their is more than just one way to live life.


The first stage of Fernando and Fleur’s big adventure starts with a trip in France but also includes visiting many European and Asian countries. Once they reach India, the second stage will begin, which involves seeing as much of Australia as possible and traveling to the Americas. Finally, the third and last stage will find them in Africa, the cradle of man. The two realize it’s going to be a challenge completing this long journey, but they hope the media attention they have been getting lately will attract sponsors willing to make things a little easier for them, like companies in the fuel, telephone or sports equipment industries.

The only thing that makes the Fernandez family sad is that grandparents will only be able to see their grandchildren via webcam for a very long time, but they take comfort in fulfilling their dream and living life as they always wanted. If you want to track their memorable journey, you can do so by visiting their blog,, which translates as “living our lives”.

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