Student Earns Whole Class a Perfect Score on Chemistry with Epic Paper Ball Toss

An Ohio State University student became the most popular kid in school last week after winning his whole class a perfect score on their first chemistry quiz with an amazing paper ball toss.

Every year, Dr. Christopher Callam, an organic chemistry professor at Ohio State University, gives his whole class a chance to ace their first quiz without even studying. He’s apparently a very hands on kind of guy who likes to demonstrate how chemistry works. To help his students better understand acid base chemistry and proton donors and acceptors, he throws a paper ball in to the crowd and if the person who catches it can toss it all across the class and into the trash can, he gives everyone a perfect score on the quiz.

This year, the hopes of dozens of nervous students rested on the shoulders of Vinny Forte, from Richmond Heights, and he more than lived up to their expectations. A phone-recorded video shot by fellow student Rachel Brown shows Forte making the one-in-a-million shot and throwing the entire class into a frenzy.

The video of the epic toss has gone viral, with over 120,000 retweets and was eventually picked up by major media outlets.

“We are using the ball to help understand acid base chemistry to understand proton donors and proton acceptors. The student can then try to make a basket to earn 100% on the first quiz,” Dr. Callam told The Comeback. “I just randomly throw the ball up to the balcony and whoever grabs it is the ‘proton acceptor’ or Lewis base and I make the horrible and classic joke that ‘I just made an acid of myself.'”

The paper ball toss has apparently become an organic chemistry tradition at Ohio State University, as Callam says he has been offering students to ace the first quiz of the semester for over a decade. “The first ten years I did it no one was very close,” he says “The last two years the shots have been epic and have gone in.”

Unfortunately, last year, when the first paper ball reached its target, no one had the inspiration to record the attempt, so to make this year’s toss doesn’t get wasted, he asked the students to take out their smartphones and videotape it.

“When the student made the shot last year no one had a video of it because no one thought it would go in. This year I told them we had to live up to last year making the shot so get your phones out,” Callam said. “The student who made it ‘Vinny’ had his named chanted for several minutes after he made it. Not your normal day in Ochem.”


Needless to say, a legend was born the moment that paper ball landed in the trash can.

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