Suck-On Gadget Promises to Give Women a Coveted V-Shaped Face

A small, oval-shaped face with a well-defined and pointy V-line chin is one of the most coveted female beauty features in many Asian countries, and they can apparently get it by simply sucking on a bottle-shaped gadget for 10 minutes a day.

You can buy pretty much anything online these days, but every once in a while we stumble upon products so bizarre that they make us scratch our heads an wonder who would ever pay money for them. Case in point, this weird beauty accessory on Chinese shopping platform TaoBao, which is supposed to help reshape users faces, if they suck on it for just 10 minutes a day. Marketed as an electric facial exerciser, the bottle-shaped gadget apparently vibrates up to 880 times per minute and it’s these high-frequency vibrations that somehow stimulate facial muscles and reshape your face.

The vibrating gadget is powered by AA batteries and is currently priced at $198 on TaoBao. However, a quick search on the platform reveals a host of similar alternatives, with prices ranging from just $39 to $319. Apparently, they are very popular, and judging by user reviews, people are generally happy with their performance.

The before an after photos posted by sellers also show a significant difference, but you can’t really go by that sort of proof, not in this day in age, when you can hardly trust your eyes online.

It used to be that most weird facial exercise gadgets came out of Japan, but China seems to have caught up pretty fast.

Photos of this product first went viral after being shared on the Hilarious Sticker Zone Facebook group, where hundreds of people shared them and posted funny comments.