Supreme-Branded Oreo Cookies Allegedly Sell for Up to $90,000 Online

New York-based clothing brand Supreme recently teamed up with Oreo for a very limited edition line of branded cookies, which are now allegedly selling on eBay for tens of thousands of dollars.

The red Supreme Oreos originally sold for $8 per rectangular pack, which is already pretty expensive for a pack of Oreo cookies, but intrepid entrepreneurs snatched up as many packs as possible when they became available in Supreme stores and started selling them online at a premium. That’s not exactly unusual for Supreme merch, as the high-end fashion brand is known for releasing very small quantities of its limited-edition seasonal items, but the red cookies reached astronomical prices on online bidding sites.

A quick search on eBay reveals that “super-rare” packs of red Supreme Oreos are selling for a wide range of prices, from $56 to a whopping $88,988. I don’t know who would pay that much for a pack of cookies, regardless of the branding on them, but this particularly high ad already has 90 bids.


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If you’re hoping to snap up some rare Supreme Oreos for cheaper, you can find plenty of offers for hundreds of dollars, or, if you have money to burn, in the lower thousands as well.

Can you imagine paying tens of thousands of dollars for a pack of these things only to get them all cracked or smashed?

You think paying thousands of dollars for Supreme-branded Oreo cookies is outrageous? There’s actually a Champion jacket designed by Supreme that’s selling for $1,000,000 million right now. So, yeah…

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