Synthetic Skin Book Allows Aspiring Tattoo Artists to Safely Hone Their Skills

Developed by Tattoo Art Magazine, in collaboration with Brazilian ad agency Lew’Lara TBWA, the “Skin Book” is a revolutionary product in the world of tattooing. It consists of synthetic pages, textured like human skin.

With the Skin Book, aspiring tattoo artists can now practice the art of inking skin before actually working on a real person. They have a chance to get acquainted with the texture of human skin, without the risk of leaving someone with a permanent ugly tattoo. Seasoned tattoo artists can also use the notebook to practice new designs with real needles, instead of using a pen or pencil on regular paper.


The promo video created by Tattoo Art Magazine states that the book is meant for a world without regrets. “A design project created exclusively for tattoo artists, every page is made of synthetic skin, and recreates a part of the human body. A perfect way to practice and create a portfolio. Because, for tattoo art, having a tattoo on your skin should always be a reason for pride.”

For now, Tattoo Art Magazine hasn’t announced any plans of commercializing the Skin Book. It was basically a clever marketing stunt, but it has raised the interest of many in the tattoo business. Instead of practicing on random stuff like oranges or slabs of pig meat, they would get to do it on something that closely resembles human skin and even certain body parts.


It turns out pig skin is actually the closest to human skin, but tattooing pigs, even when they are anesthetized will get you in trouble. Just Ask artist Wim Delvoye, who has been doing it since 1997, but had to move his business to China due to pressure from animal welfare organizations like PETA.

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