This Poor Man Wanted the Tattoo of His Dreams, Got a Permanent Nightmare

When 29-year-old Didier Jacquemin set out to get the tattoo of his dreams, little did he know that it would turn out to be a huge disaster. While the image he desired was a beautiful forest scenery complete with birds in flight, the tattoo he ultimately got was the stuff of nightmares!

Didier, a resident of Liege, Belgium, said that he found the original pattern on the internet and immediately fell in love with it. So he printed the image and took it to a local tattoo parlor on January 15, asking for a replica. The artist agreed to do the artistic tattoo, but ultimately delivered something that seems drawn by a 4-year-old.


“I chose a lively pattern, a flight of birds in the forest,” Didier lamented. “Instead, I find myself with gulls and a dead tree!” He did admit that he was too trusting of the artist, though. “She did not show any drawing, she did not use the layer, but I was not bothered. She had tattooed my friend and the result was very pretty. I was confident.”

“When she drew the sketch on my arm, I saw that it was not like I wanted,” he added. “She told me it was normal, it was just the branches, and it would come alive later.” But as the inking progressed, it became quite clear to Didier that the tattoo was turning into a disaster.


The poor guy now has to live his entire life with a dead tree on his arm. Needless to say, he’s the butt of all jokes. Even his mother did not spare him: “She told me that I should put fertilizer on my tree because it looked in pretty bad shape,” he said. When he confronted the artist, she claimed that she didn’t have enough time, and that she needed at least 11 hours to make an exact replica. But she ultimately accepted her mistake and gave him a full refund.


I’ll admit Didier’s tattoo is a catastrophe, but it’s nowhere near as bad as this girl who accidentally got 53 stars permanently inked on her face.

Photos: Didier Jacquemin/Facebook

via La Meuse

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