Teacher Suspended After Allegedly Shooting a Student in Class

A Bangladeshi medical school teacher has been suspended after allegedly pulling out a firearm and shooting a student in the leg during a heated argument.

Raihan Sharif, a lecturer at a medical college in Sirajganj, north-western Bangladesh, has been suspended from his job two days after allegedly shooting and injuring a student in a classroom. Local media reported that the incident took place on Monday, while Dr. Sharif was conducting an oral exam. At some point, he got into an argument with 23-year-old student Arafat Amin Tomal, pulled out a gun, and shot the student in the right knee. Luckily for Tomal, the bullet hit the mobile phone he had in his pocket and prevented a potentially life-threatening injury, but he still wound up in the hospital and had to undergo surgery on his leg.

Photo: Tsvetoslav Hristov/Unsplash

The Dhaka Tribune newspaper reports that there were 45 students in the classroom when the shooting occurred, many of whom rushed to help their colleague, locking Sharif in a room until police arrived. He was taken into custody and police seized the gun, as well as a second pistol, 81 bullets, four magazines, two knives, and 10 daggers which were found in the teacher’s bag.

In a police statement, it was revealed that Raihan Sharif was known for bringing firearms to school which he would often showcase to his students during classes.

News of Raihan Sharif suspension by the medical college sparked outrage in Bangladesh, with people voicing their outrage at the lecturer’s actions. Students at the college protested this week asking forĀ a more severe punishment and his immediate dismissal.

The teacher remains in custody and police said that a special committee has been tasked with investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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