Thai Woman Left with Slug-Like Eyebrows After Botched Tattoo Job

A 26-year-old woman recently made headlines in Thailand after posting photos of her enormous tattooed eyebrows on social media. They had been permanently inked by a cheap, inexperienced tattoo artist, but the woman was lucky to have them corrected for free by a kindhearted beauty therapist.

The woman, who goes by the name Kanyarat Dew Chaichan on Facebook, reportedly decided to get her eyebrows permanently tattooed last year, after finding a tattoo artist willing to do it for very little money. Unfortunately, the age-old saying “you get what you pay for” once again proved true, as Kanyarat was left with two giant slug-like tattoos above her eyes. She had always had wide, fluffy eyebrows, but these tattoos were almost double in size.

Photo: Kanyarat Dew Chaichan

Lacking the necessary funds to have her eyebrows corrected, the young woman was left with no option but to complain about her problem on social media. She posted several photos of the disastrous tattoo job, mentioning that it was permanent and that she would probably be stuck with those ink slugs on her face for the rest of her life.

Luckily for Kanyarat, some of the photos went viral, and were eventually picked by national news outlets as well. That’s how they reached beauty therapist Vilailak Nan Sundantom, who offered to help correct the woman’s eyebrows. Learning that it was hard for her to even find the 200 Baht necessary to travel to his shop, Sundantom decided to help her out completely free of charge.


In a video posted on Facebook, Vilailak Nan Sundantom, the woman can be seen undergoing laser treatment to gradually remove the dark ink from her face. It’s a lengthy process, but it beats having to explain why you have two giant tattooed eyebrows every time you go outside.


Sundantom said that she usually charges between 30,000 baht ($960) and 50,000 baht ($1,600) for this kind or corrective procedures, but in this case, she was happy to work for free. She also warned her followers to do some research before having their eyebrows tattooed by random tattoo artists, or risk suffering Kanyarat’s fate.


“I’m very pleased with the results and grateful for the treatment. I feel much better now, and I think I look a lot more beautiful,” Chaichan reportedly said. “I thought I would be stuck with the big eyebrows for the rest of my life. Now I’m just being patient and waiting for them to get better.”


“I could really sympathise with Kanyarat because nobody wants to have eyebrows like that for the rest of their lives,” Vilailak Nan Sundantom said. “It was a mistake and this was a very extreme case. I will do my best to help but it will take between three and six months to see the results.”