House from Disney’s Animated Movie Up Recreated in Real Life

A full-scale replica of the iconic house from the movie “Up”, complete with small details from Disney/Pixar’s animation, is being built in the city of Herriman, Utah.

Utah fans looking to feast their eyes on some real-life Disney magic won’t have to take the trip to California anymore, as a real masterpiece starts to take shape a lot closer to home, in Herriman. Blair Bangerter, one of the three brothers in charge of Bangerter Homes – a custom home building company – said: “I was just watching the movie, and thought, ‘We build houses kind of like that, ’” So after getting the go-ahead from Disney, they started recreating Carl and Ellie’s house from “Up”, while making some modifications of their own.

While the laws of physics may not apply to cartoons, they do apply in real life, so in order to make this house safe, the Bangerters had to make some changes: the house is now a narrow rectangle rather than a square, and the chimney and fireplace have been modified so they actually match up in real life. But, according to Adam Bangerter “ff you see it in the movie, you are going to see it in real life here”. The outside is painted in sherbet shades and there is even a replica of Carl and Ellie’s hand-printed mailbox and custom-made garden hose reel. And the movie details continue inside: the upstairs nursery has the same mural Ellie paints in the film, her and Carl’s armchairs have been custom ordered to match those in the animation, and there is a painting of fictional Paradise Falls over the mantle and a custom-made fireplace.

Since only part of the house appears in the animated movie, the Bangerter brothers and their team had to do some imagining of their own to complete the replica. They figured whoever bought the house would be a big movie fan, so they designed a home theater downstairs. Also in the basement are two other Disney-themed bedrooms, one that pays homage to Disney’s princesses and the other is Andy’s room, from the “Toy Story” franchise.

Photo by Paul Fraughton/The Salt Lake Tribune

Developers are in negotiations to keep the house’s exterior after it’s been purchased and are discussing the possibility of decorating it with balloons, on weekends. For those of you who are actually considering moving into this real-life “Up” house, you should know it’s a roomy 2,800 square feet and has an expected asking price of $390,000. I feel I should point out that unlike the original “Up” house, this one will remain on the ground.

Photo by Paul Fraughton/The Salt Lake Tribune




via The Salt Lake Tribune