The Kooty Key – A Wacky Device That Helps Germaphobes Keep Their Hands Clean

Developed by champion bodybuilder and auto parts salesman Ken Kolb, the Kooty Key is a handy little tool designed designed to help people avoid touching germ-infested surfaces like door handles, ATM machine keyboards public toilet faucets.

Ken Kolb says that he spent most of his life as a traveling salesman, and the years he noticed how air blowers in public restrooms were replacing old paper towel dispensers. While the new technology does have it advantages, it also prevents people from using the paper they would wipe their hands with after washing them to open the bathroom door on their way out. This he claims increases the risk or re-contamination, so he took it upon himself to come up with a solution. That’s basically the short story behind the Kooty Key, a small hook-like plastic device that allows germaphobes to interact with potentially-germ-infested surfaces without the risk of contaminating their hands.

The Kooty Key is small enough to fit in your pocket or on your key chain and is made out of antibacterial plastic. Kolb claims that the hook shape of this wack device allows users to easily grab door handles or flash the toilet, while the black rubber tip on the Kooty Key can be used to press buttons or push doors that you don’t want to touch. The Michigan-based inventor adds that one of the main advantage of the Kooty Key is the small surface area that comes into contact with infected surfaces, compared with the human hand. So the chances of it actually getting contaminated are smaller. Plus, you can clean it regularly with disinfectant spray, wipes, or dipped in rubbing alcohol, like any self-respecting germaphobe.

“As the Flu and Cold Season comes each year and germs continue to mutate we need to be equipped with all possible tools that allow us to stay focused on living a healthy life for not only ourselves, but our family, friends and co-workers,” the Kooty Key website states. “The Kooty Key is a low cost option to help battle against your daily exposure to germs.”


The Kooty Key is currently for sale on Amazon and Etsy, for the modest price of $4.99. You’re not going to let $5 stand between you and a germ-free life, are you?

via FOX2 Detroit

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